Willehad Eilers - Medium Effort

To celebrate the recent Horse Diaries 'Me Time', we've set up a pre-order for two comfy sweaters, both illustrated by none other than Willehad Eilers. The pink sweater is available here.

Willehad Eilers (1981, Peine, Germany) also works under the pseudonym Wayne Horse. Beginning his career in the German graffiti scene, Eilers later went on to graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. He continues to live and work in the Dutch capital today. His eclectic body of work comprises video, drawing, performance and installation, and is distinctive for its lyrical quality, playful humour and expressiveness. A recurring narrative in his oeuvre revolves around the bizarre, occasionally ugly but always compelling aspects of humanity.

Instagram: Willehad Eilers


Medium Effort
Unisex Eco Sweater

Price: 80 Euro